Giving Veterans a Place to be at Home

Each day 22 U.S. Military Veterans take their own lives…

The Skate for the 22 Foundation was formed to reduce that tragically high number.

We provide hockey, learn to skate, and skills development sessions at no cost to our players, to get veterans back into a supportive, team environment.

The Foundation

– Increases public awareness of the statistically significant rate of suicides among military veterans.

– Provides financial assistance and other support to families of veteran suicide victims, along with scholarships to their children

– Conducts suicide prevention seminars for our players and their families

Everything starts with the greatest sport of all – hockey

thTo skate for the 22!

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Our Mission

22 Veterans of the U.S. military lose the battle at home every day, and take their own lives. They leave loved ones, family and friends behind. Whatever the number may be… one is too many. The “Skate For The 22” Foundation wants to raise public awareness in an effort to end this crisis and provide a non-government support program to veterans. This Foundation was created by veterans to support fellow veterans and their families and provide financial assistance to the families touched by veteran suicide. We use hockey, at no cost to the veterans, to get them back in  a supportive, team environment.

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